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Why me?

Ever have that moment when you come to a decision you sort of knew was going to happen, but were so hopeful leading up to it that you could pull through?  This week I learned that I will not be able to race  Ironman Lake Placid, which is less than 2 weeks away.  An event […]

Toughest Endurance Training Yet

This might be the most challenging endurance training I’ve ever come across.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with physical activity.  Can you guess? A few months ago while caring for Harry, I tweaked my back carrying him up and down the stairs to our backyard, at least 3x a day.  And since his […]

Thoughs & Feelings Shared: Patriot Half Ironman Race Report

First triathlon of the season completed, the Patriot Half, and I feel compelled to share my thoughts and feelings leading up to the day and throughout the day. Leading up to this race, my wife and I have been caring for our dying Golden boy Harrison.  Since March when he began to limp, to last […]

Training Update: 9 Weeks to Placid

This past week was a low-key one in terms of volume.  I came off last weekend with a few good solid workouts that tested my fitness, and mental will.  More hill running than I’ve done in the past, and you would think that being at sea level (yeah i know, sea level is for sissies) […]

10 Weeks to Placid

I’m 10 weeks out now from my next Ironman, and feeling really good about my fitness and state of mind.  It’s been a long winter here in New England, but just recently have been able to ride long outside and soak up that Vitamin D that’s been deficient for months now.  And running in shorts […]

A Focused Approach

This year it’s different.  Since I’ve reentered the Ironman world last year, I’ve taken a new perspective on doing well at the distance. I haven’t raced much since Placid last year, and only have 2 events on my calendar this year – The Patriot Half and Ironman Lake Placid.  After that, who knows. But today […]

Running 30 Miles – Breaking Down My Barriers

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to achieve a distance I never put much thought into until my endurance life begin in Colorado.  It was epic, challenging, and tested my mental fortitude, and that’s why I want more.  But let’s back up a bit. I saw a tweet from a friend regarding his 40th birthday, […]
Eat & Run - Scott Jurek

Long runs, A Good Read & Time Trialing

With some recent light weeks in running volume to help skirt some minor foot pain, I’m back to running…and running long.  Although not as frequent, the runs have been slowly adding up.  The past 2 Sunday’s I’ve run 20 miles, and that’s 20 miles in snow, sleet and wet slushy conditions.  It’s now the norm […]