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Is It Truly About The Journey?

(written a few days after returning from Placid) Today, in this very moment, ABSOLUTELY YES! But go back 1 week ago, my mind, heart and body were in a different place.  I have always professed that I love the journey, but I was put to the test these past few weeks…no doubt about it.  As […]

Why me?

Ever have that moment when you come to a decision you sort of knew was going to happen, but were so hopeful leading up to it that you could pull through?  This week I learned that I will not be able to race  Ironman Lake Placid, which is less than 2 weeks away.  An event […]

Toughest Endurance Training Yet

This might be the most challenging endurance training I’ve ever come across.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with physical activity.  Can you guess? A few months ago while caring for Harry, I tweaked my back carrying him up and down the stairs to our backyard, at least 3x a day.  And since his […]

Thoughs & Feelings Shared: Patriot Half Ironman Race Report

First triathlon of the season completed, the Patriot Half, and I feel compelled to share my thoughts and feelings leading up to the day and throughout the day. Leading up to this race, my wife and I have been caring for our dying Golden boy Harrison.  Since March when he began to limp, to last […]

Training Update: 9 Weeks to Placid

This past week was a low-key one in terms of volume.  I came off last weekend with a few good solid workouts that tested my fitness, and mental will.  More hill running than I’ve done in the past, and you would think that being at sea level (yeah i know, sea level is for sissies) […]

10 Weeks to Placid

I’m 10 weeks out now from my next Ironman, and feeling really good about my fitness and state of mind.  It’s been a long winter here in New England, but just recently have been able to ride long outside and soak up that Vitamin D that’s been deficient for months now.  And running in shorts […]

A Focused Approach

This year it’s different.  Since I’ve reentered the Ironman world last year, I’ve taken a new perspective on doing well at the distance. I haven’t raced much since Placid last year, and only have 2 events on my calendar this year – The Patriot Half and Ironman Lake Placid.  After that, who knows. But today […]

Running 30 Miles – Breaking Down My Barriers

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to achieve a distance I never put much thought into until my endurance life begin in Colorado.  It was epic, challenging, and tested my mental fortitude, and that’s why I want more.  But let’s back up a bit. I saw a tweet from a friend regarding his 40th birthday, […]