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Running 30 Miles – Breaking Down My Barriers

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to achieve a distance I never put much thought into until my endurance life begin in Colorado.  It was epic, challenging, and tested my mental fortitude, and that’s why I want more.  But let’s back up a bit. I saw a tweet from a friend regarding his 40th birthday, […]
Eat & Run - Scott Jurek

Long runs, A Good Read & Time Trialing

With some recent light weeks in running volume to help skirt some minor foot pain, I’m back to running…and running long.  Although not as frequent, the runs have been slowly adding up.  The past 2 Sunday’s I’ve run 20 miles, and that’s 20 miles in snow, sleet and wet slushy conditions.  It’s now the norm […]

A look back over the past few months

So much to say, but where to begin.  Let’s recap the past few weeks of training.  I have been taking the running a bit lightly due to a foot strain which Jess seems to think was PF.  This presented the opportunity to dive into a swim/bike block, which Lucho so happily prescribed for me.  I […]

Is it the Caffeine or the Ritual

Coming out of a 3 day REBOOT from Joe the Juicer, I have a clear mind and my daily energy is overflowing.  So I had a thought last night during my 75 min hot yoga practice (I know Jess, you should be in the now and just breathe), but with an open mind, thoughts filter […]

First of Many Memorable Training Weekends

At times it’s important to capture those training workouts that are slightly set apart from the typical day in and day out routine.  This past weekend was one of them.  I want to remember this. Not for volume or speed or effort, but for the overall benefit of 2 solid days going after it. It […]

Quick Training Update

Where to begin??? Training is going smoothly and continue to make small changes from last year.  I figure I know what last year’s training got me at IMLP, so why not mix it up? Inject some new workouts, routines and overall mental philosophies. Where last year I didn’t swim for two months in the off-season, […]

Buying a Triathlon Bike: Go With What Feels Right

Do I take this opportunity to buy the latest and so called ‘greatest’  OR do I do what feels right for me? This is what I was challenged with a few weeks ago when I decided to purchase a new bike.  Like many big decisions, I am that person who takes time to weigh the […]

Running on Feel at the United Healthcare Newport Half Marathon

Race day arrived. First one since Placid.  Training has been going well.  A few hiccups with a small cold, and just getting back into the routine of things.  Been swimming (drills) and cycling too.  Running has been the focus, dialing down paces and building a bit of speed.  Also added in Hot Vinyasa Yoga 2x […]